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My wife wanted to go to travel to the coast more often and was looking for a cheaper way to do that. We thought about tent camping, but if you have lived in OR, its cold and rainy for about 8 months out of the year. My father inlaw suggested purchasing a camper.

He suggested this one brand that he owned in the 1970s called a Aristocrat. I searched online and across the U.S. I found that these little light trailers were becoming harder and harder to find. I believe that this was due for a number of different reasons.

I will name a few, burning man, cost was relatively cheap, light to tow, lots of SUVs could tow this camper, lower gas mileage compared to the newer models, and size of the trailer. In other words we were doing a better job in the 1970s!

About a month latter I found a Aristocrat three hours outside of Portland OR, for a great price. Anything within in Portland Metro was very pricey. If the price was too high and then the amount of effort and cost to get one ready might not be worth it. Was this one worth towing back? Would it make it back to Portland? I had no idea, but it was worth a shot.

So I took the trip with my father inlaw and ended up picking up a camper. It was cheap so there was not much to loose, I just had to get it back up to Portland. After looking at the frame of the camper before towing it back it looked like it might just make it back.

The trip back to Portland was easy. The trailer pulled very well behind my 2007 Xterra. The problems occurred when I pulled it into my yard and realized that the trailer would not allow me to get the Xterra back out of the YARD! With some 16 point turns on the lawn and the help of my wife and father inlaw, we made it out.

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