May 26, 2012 New faucet for the kitchen

At the last camping trip we had a leak from the faucet. It was leaking to the bottom of the trailer. The other issue with the faucet was that it was so low to the counter that we couldn’t even get the dog bowl under it!

I looked under the counter again and noticed that there was copper and brass fittings and tubes connected to plastic fittings. That’s were the leaks were coming from. I just figured why should I try to make the old cheap hardware work while for a few more dollars just replace the whole system!

This is what I did. Pulled all of the old water lines out. Replaced the city inlet with a new one, replaces the copper tubes with new flex rv tubes, replaced faucet with a new one that sits much higher in the sink, dishes and dog bowls now fit! Between the two hoses I added a water filter and softener.


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  1. Leroy says:

    i did the same thing with the faucet – those faucets ment for drinking water work great as replacements. i found one at HD that was opened and has a part missing that i didn’t need. they marked it down $20 for me.

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