Ready for spring camping!

Ready to camp! Julie Anne set a date to go camping which forced us to spend the last 3 weekends at home working in the trailer and watching kids… All work and no play! Well the trailer is in good shape now…

1. Re-wired 4way trailer wire to 7way car. The trailer was wired incorrectly a few years back and it need to be fixed. New panel installed on hitch for 7way lights

2. All the running and clearance lights now work! Replaced a few fixtures and grounds

3. Created new clean grounds on the hitch

4. New main 12v line from the battery to the 12v fuse box

5. All electrical wires are safely tied down and rewired back through original opening to the factory specs

6.New 110 light fixtures with custom switches installed. Fixtures bolted to the walls.

7. Removed all Dryrot from the front two corners, rebuilt framing and created new supports, sealed wood in new framing, replaced front panel with diamond plate for protective rock guard

8. New insulation R8 rating the front rebuild, as acts as a vapor barrier












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