Spring 2012 rebuilding the front

Rebuilding the front end is a lot easier after my prior experiences. Having the Kreg jig and the right tools made the rebuild a weekend long project. The hardest part is pulling the skin off and the propane tanks.

I found a bunch of rot on the front two corners but it looks like it did not spread. Instead of a complete reconstruction I opted for a repair. Some of the original structure was intact so I just repaired what was rotted out.

I did wonder why the 7way lights from the tow vehicle ran through the front panel via a open hole. I would have to say that’s not a good solution. I am going to run the lights back to the original way underneath the trailer and up through the floor from a already existing hole. I picked up a junction box for 7 way lights and 14′ feet of cable. The junction box will be on the hitch then the line will run underneath and then up and around. I’ll take pictures.


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