New step!



On my todo list was to fix the step. I researched in replacing the whole step and found it would be about 39.99$ not to bad really. The step on the original trailer was completely rusted out. It felt like your foot would fall through the metal. So I went under the trailer and noticed that when they added the step to the trailer they welded it on and bolted it on! Something that seemed so easy turns into a 2.5 hour project. The new steps are 24″ and mine is 21″ (1971).

After thinking about my next move I decided to cut the old one out, just the flat part with my sawzaw. I then replace what was metal with treated lumber left over from a outdoor project. After removing all the spiders from the used lumber, I cut it to fit. i drilled some holes through the old step frame, sprayed painted it and fit the new lumber part right in. Its nicer than the original one. Plus its really strong and now easy to replace. Oh ya the bolts are deck screws.


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  1. r.shelly says:

    I also live in Portland, OR and just purchased an Aristocrat as well. I have a Lo Liner. It is great to see what you have done with your project. It also helps to know that you have had some good experience with local people. I may ask you for some guidance as I get more into my project.

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