New Leaf Spring




Coming back from our second trip i noticed that the trailer was much lower than it use to be. It sounded like it was bottoming out on the big bumps. I was not to sure what the cause was, but I had to take a look underneath again. I did know that the original 41 year old leaf springs were very rusted. I the whole trailer this was something I knew I had to take care of especially if I put this much work into it. I cracked leaf spring on the side of the road could mean doom to the whole project. I priced it out at the local RV shop and it would be pretty pricey for the labor. Since the tension of the springs are very high I did not want to repair it myself.

I found a local trailer mechanic, and he priced the job out and it was a really fair price, 41$ per spring and 130$ in labor. I spoke with him a little about how step my driveway was and bottoming out on the skid plates every now and then. Dan recommend upgrading the springs to a 2200lb spring per axel for 5$ dollars. This would lift the trailer higher, which would help me in the driveway situation.

When I got the trailer back I realized it must be about 10inches higher than it use to be. Dan mentioned that when he took the old ones off they were flat. Now I have to get bigger Jack Stands because my 18 inch ones dont fit anymore!
thats Dans Info:
If your in the Portland areaI would highly recommend giving him a call


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  1. Leroy says:

    i replace the axle, springs and brakes – it was a easy job – i figured they were to old to take a chance on – i also upgraded the pounds but kept the same heighth

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