Chirs Williams and I installed a new toilet,  I was prepared it would take a few hours and watch a few leaks appear here and there. I couldn’t believe there was no wax seal that we find in home toilets, instead in rv’s they use a foam seal that takes hold when you crank down the new toilet. I think start to finish it was about one hour long, and no leaks! At least not yet.

I added the new inlet on the outside for the bathroom with a 50psi regulator, so the lines will not burst. It was the best way to get fresh water to the bathroom, for a useable toilet. See pictures below.




I took out the old monochromatic toilet and I am going to replace it with a new toilet with running water. Here is the plan. Since there is no holding tank, I will have to get a portable one. The smallest portable tank with wheels I can find sits on the ground at 10″. My pipe that comes out of the bottom of the trailer is at 10.5″, that’s not enough of a drop to run the toilet. So I found a special tank at 7.5″ Barker Folding Tent Camper Tote-Along, 15 gallon. It’s made for short rvs and tent trailers.

The other issue will be, where is the water going to come from? I have a closed system for my fresh water out of copper tubes. It’s made rock solid! I really dont want to rip it out since it works great. I am under the impression if it’s not broke don’t mess with it. So I thnk what I am going to do is ad a second fresh water inlet for the toliet and use flex rv hose. I will have to ad a regulator to the line so the toliet does not explode under pressure and a Y adapter with a shut off switch. I have the bathroom interior walls open at the moment so this might go very smoothly.

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  1. Leroy says:

    Same holding tank i ended up using – works great

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