12 Volts and a LP alarm



Lights and power and a alarm!
Doug my father in law was a huge help.

The 110 is in pretty good shape so there was not much to do there except for a new inlet on the outside. Amazon for 16$

As you can see we were working on the 12volt system. It worked when I picked up the trailer but it was scary. There were spliced extension cords going to a new camper battery.

First we moved the battery to the hitch from under the bed! Having a car battery under the bed was not a good idea. Then we wired in cables from the battery to a new ground and to the power converter. The power converter is wired into the 12v system. Here is how it works. When the camper is plugged into a regular 110 outlet it powers the trailer and charges the battery. The battery will power the 12v interior lights and the new propane alarm. We put a fuse box on the 12v system. This is for safety plus it makes things a lot safer if we want to add more 12v lights fans etc. Doug thought the system we wired in was slick. I have to agree.

Here are my references in how I got this system to work




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