Framing completed, August 22, 2011

All the dryrot in the back is removed and the new framing is completed. I was surprised to see that the original construction used staples only, this was to hold all the framing together!

The last two weekends I rebuilt the two back corners, the entire lower rear panels, and both lower panels behind the wheels. I used a kreg jig, screws and wood glue, its now stronger than the original factory specifications.

Next –
Replace the insullation with something very thin i only really have 1/8 of space to play with in some spots.

Thinking of using something for water proofing, house wrap material. We will have to see.
I might try this TYVEK HomeWrap


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  1. Jenn says:

    This is fantastic. I just bought a ’70 Land Commander and am finding all of the same defects you have run into. I am nervous to open it up as I was not really looking for a new project (a house remodel is enough) but this is inspiring.

    Did you have experience with this type of thing before or did you just take it slowly using good tools, common sense and a bit of skill?


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